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Essential Skincare Habits During The Summer

Essential Skincare Habits During The Summer



Sweat dripping, water sipping, whilst walking and slowly crossing. Does this give you the classic summer vibe?

The onset of the Summer season begins in India at the end of February or the beginning of March in most states. Mangoes, melons, and citrus fruits are eaten and applied as face masks along with other ingredients.

Pimples, acne, tanning, heat boils, and oily skin, are the usual problems faced among many others. Extreme weather conditions, demand our bodies to adjust to it. For seasons like this, skincare becomes essential.

The Three Essentials :

We don’t claim that these are the only five habits you should follow. We suggest and give our audience the freedom of choice. Depending upon the situation and heat level in your region, you can add on or do away with a few habits.

1. Hydrate Yourself - As much as we know we should drink two to three litres of water a day, we usually don’t follow it.

Along with hydrating your skin, hydrating your body is highly recommended. Drinking an ample amount of water throughout the day helps maintain skin hydration levels while also preventing dryness and boils/pimples that might appear on the skin due to the heat.

Celebrities have credited their flawless skin to water consumption. Rethinking your water consumption levels throughout the day? I’d say it’s best to keep a one-litre bottle around you all the time!

2. Diet - “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in”, said B.K.S Iyengar. Wouldn’t you rightly agree with that?

We are what we eat. Consuming junk food frequently can cause excessive oil secretion in your skin and stress eating can cause your Vitamin D levels to free fall. A diet rich in protein, vitamins, fats, iron, and other nutrients becomes the building blocks of healthy skin. Archenemies such as pigmentation levels, blackheads, acne, pimples, wrinkles, and oily texture of the skin can be controlled.

3. Apply sunscreen - During summers, our bodies are exposed to the sun more often than not. In such cases, tanning, flaky skin, and parched skin are common scenarios. Hence, being exposed to UV rays for prolonged hours can harm the skin.

It is advisable to use sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 25+. You can apply it as and when required throughout the day. If you like spending time outdoors and are planning on sunbathing after a swim, don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!

O4U Summer Products

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These are some recommendations from us -

Mysore Sandalwood Powder - Mysore is also nicknamed Sandalwood city. As the name suggests, this is a skin de-tan powder that promotes healthy blood circulation, removing the effects of suntan and excessive sebum secretion. This can act as a rejuvenator for someone whose skin has been deeply affected by the summer heat.

Bulgaria Rosehip Oil - Are you wondering how this oil can be useful? Well, it’s a win-win situation. You can apply it on your skin as well as your hair! Rich in
Vitamin C (which boosts collagen in the skin), this oil acts as a serum in treating acne, and sunburns, and improving hair health by keeping away dandruff and flakiness.

Mysore Sandalwood Soap - The mere aroma of this soap will refresh your mood. For blemish-free moisturized skin, with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, this sandalwood soap can help you cool off on a hot day.

Pulwama Saffron Hyrosol - Saffron is known to act against hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and UV radiation. These are the most essential problems to tackle during the summer. The Pulwama Saffron Hydrosol does exactly that. It balances the skin tone, makes it fairer, and gives instant skin cell hydration.

Rajasthan Neem Powder - Use it as a face pack, or hair pack, or apply it on the skin, your choice! Obtained from the best quality neem leaves from Rajasthan, this neem powder helps control skin and hair infections, whiteheads, and scars and deep cleanses the skin pores along with hair root follicles. The chances of impurities and dirt settling on the skin are drastically reduced.

FAQ for you!

Does sunscreen really protect the skin?

Answers from experts prove that it does, and sunscreen also protects the skin against common types of skin cancers.

Color, color, which color do you choose?

Skin color really doesn’t matter! Writers, skincare specialists, and professionals who deal with products related to the skin can’t emphasize enough how apt this
statement is. The people whom you look up to, maybe fair or light-skinned, but that doesn’t make your skin color any less elegant.

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